Veterinary Care for Pets of People Who Are Homeless

Board of Directors

Stacey Doerner : President
Stacey is from a small beach town in Southern California. She moved up to Oregon in 2006 to pursue her bachelors degree from Oregon State University. Stacey has just recently graduated from San Juan College and has become a certified veterinary technician. She began volunteering with Pro-Bone-O in 2014. Stacey has always had a passion for helping others and loves her Pro-Bone-O family. Her entire life has always been about helping others. In her spare time Stacey enjoys coloring, or spec writing, playing cello, and relaxing in the sun. She decided to join the board of directors to help become a stronger advocate for pets.

Diane Weaver, CVT: Vice President
Diane is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and has been an animal advocate most of her life. She began her veterinary technician career in 1979. A volunteer vet tech with Pro-Bone-O for almost 7 years, she joined the board in November, 2011, and is now president. She has volunteered with Lane County Animal Services and is currently a volunteer CVT at WAG and Shelter Animal Resource Alliance (S.A.R.A). Diane also sits on the board of the Willamette Animal Guild. As the wife of a Coast Guard helicopter pilot, she moved around the country and worked in many veterinary clinics, as well as volunteering in a variety of animal shelters along the way. Diane has her federal & state wildlife rehabilitation permits and has volunteered at various rehabilitation facilities including Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene. She has been involved in obedience and agility training and competition with her dogs. Now, with her husband retired, she lives on a “ranch” in Elmira with dogs, cats, horses, alpaca, llamas, an angora goat, chickens, and her very tolerant husband.  When she is not caring for animals, she enjoys weaving, spinning, reading and horseback riding.

Elizabeth Spannuth: Treasurer
From an early age, Elizabeth was raised in an ecosystem where dogs and cats got along. This not only cultivated her love of animals, but also her belief that with love all things are possible. She has a varied background which includes producing live events, small business management and product development. She brings with her a multipurpose skill set that includes data management and a highly developed sense of humor. She has been active with PBO for about 4 years and is continually moved by the willingness of people to share what they have with their animal companions, no matter how little it is.

Jeannie Peterson: Secretary Community Outreach/Volunteer CoordinatorUntitled-1
Jeannie has a varied background of social service work. Currently retired after 12 years of being the liaison for homeless students and families in Cottage Grove, she also volunteers at our clinics. She has been with PBO since almost the very beginning. In 2000, Jeannie created, and still administers, a Low Income Spay/Neuter Assistance Program for the Humane Society of Cottage Grove.  She also volunteers two to three days a week at Coast Fork Nursing Center. Jeannie lives just outside Cottage Grove with her pet cat (the greatest cat in the world) and her pet donkey (the cutest, sweetest donkey ever).

Catrina Mathewsonunnamed
Catrina is a midwest transplant originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management at the University of Oregon and has a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from Minnesota State. She has a strong passion for volunteering and brings to the table experiences from a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. Catrina lives in Eugene with her husband, 2 cats (Raji and Lucy), ball python (Rusty) and crested gecko (Charmander). Her love of animals and interest in homeless advocacy led her to becoming a PBO clinic volunteer and board member. In her leisure time she enjoys exploring the Oregon coast, trying new coffee shops and reading.

Mollye LytleMollye1(1)
Mollye grew up in small-town Veneta, Oregon, just 20 minutes outside of Eugene. She moved out on her own to Eugene in 2008, and fell in love with this city. Mollye has always had dogs; she is a very big dog enthusiast and lover of all creatures in general.  As of 5/2016, she has been volunteering with PBO for about a year.  Mollye loves to volunteer; having done other volunteer work here and there. Currently, she works at a doctor’s office as a registration specialist, and is also a huge advocate for humans.  She is a single mommy to the liveliest little Chihuahua (“Noodle”), who just turned 7 years old. He is the apple of Mollye’s eye. In her free time, Mollye enjoys hiking or anything outdoors, Netflix-binge-watching-TV shows, coffee consumption, all the family time she can get, and devouring good books!

Richie Powell
Richie is the owner of All American Pet in Springfield. All American Pet is a family owned and operated small business, providing pet supplies and grooming. Richie has been involved with PBO as a donor for many years. Richie has two pets, Sammy the dog and Cheeto the cat.

Dr. Jeremy Polk
Dr. Polk graduated from St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine with a DVM and has been with Cascade Animal Clinic since July 2016. In his free time, Dr. Polk enjoys crocheting, metal detecting, brewing beer, hiking, fishing, and cooking.
His love for animals is lively at home, with a young cattle dog named Rhubarb and two young rats named Thelma and Louise.
As a kid Dr. Polk was a homeless client of Pro-Bone-O and the work done by those past clinics are partly responsible for his career choice and desire to be part of the PBO family.”

Your generous contribution will go towards helping pay for medical supplies, dog and cat food, and other pet supplies.
The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.~Ghandi