Veterinary Care for Pets of People Who Are Homeless

Board of Directors

Stacey Doerner,  BS CVT: President
Stacey is from a small beach town in Southern California. She moved to Oregon in 2006 to pursue her bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University. Stacey graduated from San Juan College and became a certified veterinary technician in 2017. She began volunteering with Pro-Bone-O in 2014. Stacey has always been passionate about helping others and loves her Pro-Bone-O family. Her entire life has always been about helping others. In her spare time Stacey enjoys coloring, taking classes, painting, crafting, and relaxing in the sun. She joined the board of directors to help become a more vigorous advocate for pets. Stacey is also a Registered Nurse who works in Eugene, OR. 

Diane Weaver, CVT
Diane is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and has been an animal advocate most of her life. She began her veterinary technician career in 1979. A volunteer vet tech with Pro-Bone-O for almost 10 years, she joined the board in November, 2011, and is now vice president. She has volunteered with Lane County Animal Services and is currently a volunteer CVT at Willamette Animal Guild (WAG) and Shelter Animal Resource Alliance (S.A.R.A). Diane also sits on the board of the Willamette Animal Guild. As the wife of a Coast Guard helicopter pilot, she moved around the country. She worked in many veterinary clinics, as well as volunteering in a variety of animal shelters along the way. Diane had her federal & state wildlife rehabilitation permits and has volunteered at various rehabilitation facilities, including Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene. She has been involved in obedience and agility training and competition with her dogs. Now, with her husband retired, she lives on a “ranch” in Elmira with dogs, cats, horses, alpacas, a llama, two goats, chickens, a Russian tortoise, and her very tolerant husband. When she is not caring for animals, she enjoys weaving, spinning, reading, and horseback riding.

Elizabeth Spannuth: Treasurer
From an early age, Elizabeth was raised in an ecosystem where dogs and cats got along. This not only cultivated her love of animals but also her belief that with love all things are possible. She has a varied background, which includes producing live events, small business management, and product development. She brings a multipurpose skill set that includes data management and a highly developed sense of humor. She has been active with Pro-Bone-O and is continually moved by the willingness of people to share what they have with their animal companions, no matter how little it is.

Rochelle Ammon: Interim SecretaryRochelle's dogs
Rochelle Ammon was raised in Lebanon, Oregon. She grew up on a ranch with 13 head of horses and 250 head of Hereford cattle. Her parents trained and showed horses and operated the 500-acre ranch. Animals have always been a part of her life. Currently, she has five alpacas, five dogs, and four cats.
Rochelle has been in accounting since 1984 and works as an accountant at Oregon State University. She was the fiscal coordinator for 11 years for the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis before OSU. Rochelle was also the treasurer for Zonta of Corvallis for two and half years.
Rochelle is attending San Juan College in their online Certified Veterinary Technician program. She attends classes, interns at Pro-Bone-O and Willamette Vet Hospital (Corvallis), and works full-time at OSU. Rochelle has volunteered at Pro-Bone-O since 2014 and was awarded the Pro-Bone-O’s Debbi Bricco Service Award in 2018.

Catrina Mathewson: Fundraising & SocialMedia-Ad  hocunnamed
Catrina is a Midwest transplant originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. She holds a Master’s in Nonprofit Management (MNM) from the University of Oregon and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from Minnesota State University. She has a strong passion for volunteering and brings experience in fundraising, grant writing, and social media marketing.

Cat lives in Eugene with her two cats, Raji and Lucy. Her love of animals and interest in homeless advocacy led her to become a Pro-Bone-O volunteer and board member. She enjoys exploring the Oregon coast, trying new coffee shops, and volleyball in her leisure time.

Dr. Elyssa Armstrong DVM: Board Veterinarian

Dr. Armstrong started volunteering at Pro-Bone-O as a Veterinary Student while attending Oregon State. She has a passion for volunteering, giving to the community, and cares deeply about the welfare of pets. Dr. Armstrong likes performing dental and learning about clinical pathology. She likes to spend time with her friends, ride horses, and spoil her cat, Gigi. She believes strongly in preventative medicine and working with owners to find the best collaborative solution. 

Tera Dschaak-James: Volunteer Coordinator
Boo & GigiTera is a native of Eugene and is immersed in the community. Being an animal advocate is a passion she has cultivated throughout the years, and she has spent hundreds of hours volunteering at local rescues. Tera is a Co-Owner of Training Spot Dog Training and a certified dog trainer.

Her interest in helping pet parents give the best possible care to their pets led her to Pro-Bone-O.  In her free time, Tera loves being outside and active with her family, including 2 dogs, Boo & Gigi, and CC the cat.

Jenna Sant-Wing
Jenna was raised in the California desert in a household of Boston Terriers. She began fostering senior dogs for a local rescue after college.  After two “foster fails” (aka adoptions),  she moved to Eugene in 2016 with two gentlemen, Bostons.  She began volunteering for Pro-Bone-O in 2019 and is thrilled to participate in such a meaningful mission. 

Jenna is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst passionate about behavior science and mutual aid for people and animals.  In her free time, Jenna eats spicy food and gets into mischief with her two best friends (her husband and their Boxer-Lab, Dora Bug).

Lisa Hayes
Lisa grew up in Montana and relocated to Oregon in 2000. She was a die-hard cat person until 2008, when she met and fell in love with her heart dog, Macy, a gorgeous American Staffordshire Terrier. Over the next 14 years, not only did Lisa find herself becoming an advocate for bully breeds in general, but she realized she was, through and through, a “dog mom.” Over the years, Macy walked her through many life-altering events, some tragic, some not so much, but always with forgiveness, courage, and unconditional love. This is how Lisa came to understand the difference one dog can make in one person’s life, simply by showing up and being a true friend. 

Although Macy is gone now, the lessons she left remain: animals are life-changing and deserve the very best we can give them. This is what led Lisa to Pro-Bone-O, which keeps her passionate about helping these angels on four legs live their best lives. Aside from that, Lisa lives in Eugene with her husband and their Mini Aussie, Blaze. They own a small business, and she actively tries to leave a positive imprint like Macy did, one day at a time.