Veterinary Care for Pets of People Who Are Homeless

We are excited to reopen and start holding Pro-Bone-O Clinics again in 2021!

Please Call, Email, or Facebook Message us with questions!

We are now running Pro-Bone-O medical clinics with COVID-19 policies in place. At the clinic, we will be handing out pet food, leashes, collars, harnesses, pet clothes, cat litter, and pet beds. There will also be veterinary wellness-checks, flea treatments, and vaccines. There will be a very, very limited number of spay/neuter vouchers available.

How will the clinic be run?

When you arrive at the clinic, there will be volunteer screeners at the WEST gate beginning at 8:45am

Your temperature will be taken and you will be asked questions related to COVID exposure.

Clients cannot enter the WEST gate until all people in their vehicle have passed screening. Walk-ups will also be screened. 

Masks are required– over the nose and mouth for all clients AND volunteers.

*Client parking will be the on North side facing the train tracks* 

*Limit 6 cars at a time*

Food will be handed out the food window. A line will form at the window, one person per party can stand in line. Everyone in line must be 6 feet apart (FOOD WINDOW)

Boutique- Line at the boutique- Clients must stand 6 feet apart at all times. When it is their turn, the volunteer will ask what they need and get it for the client. Clients will not be able to touch any of the supplies until they are given to them. (GARAGE DOOR)

Veterinary Care- Intake will be done at the window to the left of the garage door.

When it is your turn, your pet will go into the clinic, and the owner will wait outside. The medical volunteers may come out to speak to you and ask questions regarding the animal’s health concerns.

*Limit two animals per person client*

EXIT: East Gate

Individuals not following the COVID-19 guidelines in place, will be asked to leave the clinic without services.

Please have patience with us, we are a small but mighty team of volunteers. Clinics may operate slower than before COVID-19 and there is a chance we may not get to see every animal at the clinic.